Live the Joy of Giving The Joy of Giving The Joy of Giving
Live the Joy of Giving
Join our community of helping hands to bring a change into the lives of many.
The Joy of Giving
Extend your Support so that they become self-supportive and find a new meaning in ther lives.
The Joy of Giving
Your Compassion can heal the lives of many and change it for the better



We Aid and build Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres and Mobile Clinics in under-developed and Remote Parts of India. We Try to Medical treatment to people in need at minimal or no cost. We Grant medical relief to the deserving patients. Our Volunteers organize Medical Drives using Mobile Clinical Vans and they travel to deliver medical assistance and other facilities in the deprived and the remote villages.


Education is the core of the progress and growth process of every community. For a backward community to walk towards betterment education is one of key factors . We as a charitable organization believe in this thought process so spreading the light of education in the poor and underdeveloped villages of India has been the most important mission which we have pursued over the past few years since the inception of our charitable foundation.


Our Charitable Trust Works Actively To Rehabilitate Poor People In Areas Struck By Natural Disasters Like Floods, Epidemics Or Droughts. We Work For The Upliftment Of the status of women in backward areas and help them become self sustainable by themselves. Our Volunteers work towards making the rural and backward communities self -sustainable. Our vision is to build a community which has high standards of social and financial indexes.

Our Journey So Far

The Vivekananda Foundation  had a humble around two decades ago. It all started with a Registered Trust in Kolkata, India named as the VIVEKANANDA FOUNDATION. Our Founders  Swami Sarvadevananda (now at the Vedanta Society of Southern California, Hollywood, U.S.A.) & Swami Jnanavratananda of Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission ( Belure Math ), India, and late Shymapada Mitra created a Charitable Trust with an intention to build an voluntary body  with Volunteers who believed in the philosophy of  working selflessly towards the upliftment of the deprived and the poor. 

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The Vivekananda Foundation - Making A Difference In The Lives Of Many

Over the years the Vivekananda Foundation has worked towards providing education to the underprivileged sections in rural India. Our Volunteers actively work towards providing Educational Aid and also help building the Infrastructure to support the spread of education in the remotest parts of India. Our foundation establishes , runs, developes, and extend aid and assist to schools, colleges, hostels, research centers, libraries, night schools, non formal educational centers, adult educational centers, vocational training centers, coaching centers, archives, museums and other institutions and seats of learning.Our other causes includes promoting financial independence in poverty stricken areas

Our Recent Causes

Donate for Children's Education

Education for All

Our Foundation believes that education for all is essential to for a brighter tomorrow. We truly believe the education is…


Provision of Medical Facilities

Our Organization actively sponsors and facilitates medical rescue programmes. The Vivekananda foundations organizes regular  Blood Donation and Health Check p…


Relief During Emergency Situations

The Swami Vivekananda foundation was formed with a spirit to help the needy and the downtrodden in times of need. …


Upcoming Events

The Vivekananda Foundation tries to reach out to people who are struggling with poor economic and social conditions. We organize relief camps and conduct drives to provide food , medical supplies and education. These camps are conducted by the volunteers of this foundation and sponsored by the donations we receive from our donors across the Globe. This section features all our past and and upcoming events 

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