(C.I.T. SCHEME-107, BLOCK-06, FLAT-07)

KOLKATA – 700 033

















The fiery message of Swami Vivekananda is like the Sun’s rays—arousing with its touch the Lotus heart of the souls sleeping in the darkness of ignorance and stirring them into selfless service of the “Living Gods” thereby demonstrating that the welfare of all leads to  one’s own salvation.


The emblem inspires everyone to dedicate their lives for selfless service of men and women in need, with dignity, love and sympathetic adoration.
















(A Registered Non-profit Charitable Trust)








Registered Office :

247, Desapran Sasmal Road,

C.I.T. Scheme – 107,

1st Floor,Block – 06,Flat – 07,

Kolkata – 700 033, West Bengal, India,

Email :

Email : (President),

Mobile : (Secretary) +91 99034 57937






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Photograph of Thakur – Ma – Swami Vivekananda

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Message of Chief Spiritual Adviser

Swami Sarvadevananda

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Message of Spiritual Adviser

Swami Gnanavratananda

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Message of Spiritual Adviser


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Swami Sarvadevananda

Vedanta Society of Southern California

Hollywood, CA 90068, USA.



Swami Jnanavratananda

Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission

Belur Math, Howrah, W.B., India.


BOARD OF TRUSTEES: 2017 – 2018









+91 98303 68142




DILIP DAS        


+91 99034 57937




+91 94341 85646





+91 98363 86401





+91 98000 39225





+91 98303 04770



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KOLKATA – 700 001







247, Despran Sasmal Road, CIT Scheme – 107,

Block – 06, 1st floor, Flat – 07, Kolkata – 700 033,

West Bengal, India




Registered in Book – IV, CD Volume No – 2

Page from 3883 to 3903 being No. 06701 for the year

2008 at Additional Registrar of Assurance – III, Kolkata, W.B., India



All donations to “Vivekananda Foundation” are exempted from income tax    under section 80G (5) (VI) of The Indian Income Tax Act 1961



Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India approved the Registration

Of “Vivekananda Foundation” vide its letter dated 01/06/2012

in accordance with F.C.N.(R) Act 2010.The Registration No. is -147120956 and Nature – Cultural, Economic, Educational, Social.




Page Number









ACTIVITIES (2017-2018):-


A) Educational Scholarships


B) Educational Stipend


C) Primary Teaching Assistance


D) Educational Aids


E) Donation of Clothes


F) Donation of Winter Garments


G) Distribution of Rice seeds


H) Distribution of Goats


I) Medical Aid


J) Training & Self Help


K) Welfare of the Orphans


L) Cultural Activities


M) Educational Activities

























(FROM 1ST APRIL 2016 TO 31ST MARCH 2017)


“The Lord is always with me. Follow me, if you will, by being intensely sincere, perfectly unselfish, and above all, by being perfectly pure, my blessings go with you. In this short life there is no time for the exchange of compliments. We can compare notes and complement each other to our hearts’ content after the battle is finished. Now do not talk; work, work, work”


——– Swami Vivekananda





More than two decades ago when Swami Sarvadevananda was posted at Ramakrishna Math & Mission – Sikra-Kulingram, he came across with various voluntary social and spiritual organizations in the Sundarbans and other remote areas of the North 24 Parganas District in West Bengal. A few enthusiastic young teachers received great inspiration by coming in contact of the Ramakrishna Mission Sadhus and attending the Annual Youth Camps of the Vivekananda Yuva Maha Mandal to build their own character, as well as the character of the men, women, and youth of their localities by forming small groups. The poverty, unemployment, helplessness, misery of women, etc. of that geographic area touched their souls to a great extent. Hence, they started to work for their upliftment.


Swami Divyananda of the Ramakrishna Order contacted them, inspired them, and helped them to organize such groups for the proper social, economical,cultural and educational upliftment in the humanitarian ground in the light of spiritual development in the spirit of Ramkrishna order inspired by Swami Vivekananda. Swami Sarvadevananda, while at Sikra Math, Sikra-Kulin Gram, North 24 Parganas visited these places with the local teachers and professors from Basirhat and first started conducting lectures on spirituality. Thereafter, from 1994, through an informal group of devotees and followers of Sri Ramakrishna, amongst whom late Shyamapada Mitra (Kanchan) was the leader, continued to help these organizations dedicated for the betterment of the society. Gradually the work had been spread over in different remote areas of other district of W.B. This work impacted positively on the lives of the residents for a decade, without any official name or organization.



Finally, with the blessings of Sri Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda and with the advices of Swami Sarvadevananda (now at the Vedanta Society of Southern California, Hollywood, U.S.A.) & Swami Jnanavratananda of Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission ( Belure Math ), India, late Shymapada Mitra, created a Registered Trust in Kolkata, India named as the VIVEKANANDA FOUNDATION. Till his untimely demise, he was the designated Settler and the first Secretary for undertaking various social services and humanitarian activities, as well as spiritual work. The Trust was registered on 29th December, 2008 in the office of the Additional Registrar of Assurance – III, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.



                     The Vivekananda Foundation strives to:

1.     Propagate the man-making, character-building ideas preached and practiced by Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.


2.     Establish, run, develop, improve, extend, aid and assist schools, colleges, hostels, research centers, libraries, night schools, non formal educational centers, adult educational centers, vocational training centers, coaching centers, archives, museums and other institutions and seats of learning and activities concerned therewith and pertaining thereto.


3.     Establish yoga, retreat and rehabilitation centers for all round development of mankind.


4.     Construct, establish and maintain community halls, centers for developing powers of concentration and places for collective gathering of people for their inner development and for the advancement of India’s ancient culture and tradition.


5.     Construct, establish and maintain buildings and purchase, acquire immovable and movable properties necessary for the activities of the Trust.


6.      Buy, print and publish books, booklets, pamphlets, folders, periodicals, magazines and literature of various kinds and sell or distribute the same gratuitously or otherwise with the aim of promoting the objects of the Trust.


7.     Grant medical relief to poor and deserving patients by giving financial assistance for meeting various medical expenses.


8.     Grant scholarships, stipends, prizes, awards and aids such as books, dresses, and other educational aid to poor, meritorious and deserving students.


9.     Undertake relief and rehabilitation works during times of natural calamities like flood, fire, earthquake, epidemic etc.


10.  Undertake rural and tribal development works of various types.


11.  Establish, run, maintain, develop, improve, extend, aid and assist charitable institution such as hospital, dispensaries, nursing homes, diagnostic clinics, old age home, spastic societies, centers for handicapped persons, all the fields of education, providing relief to poor and needy.


12.  Undertake welfare schemes of various kinds, particularly for the upliftment of poor and destitute women, including setting up of training-cum-production centres.


13.  And, fulfill several other similar philanthropic objectives / activities that are charitable and for general public utility.




We express our deep sense of gratitude to all donors who have whole heartedly helped us to fulfill the objectives of the Foundation. We are giving below some major and valued name of donors:


Name and brief address of Foreign Contribution donors ( 2017 – 18)











General Contribution:



1) Jayshree Dutta

 10/2 Talbagan Lane

2) Dr Sobhanendu Dutta                           

10 Chaitan Sen Lane Bowbazar. Kol-12

3) Biswajit Samanta

Chandanpur Purba Medinipur, Pin 721439

4) Pinku Palit

54 A Hidaram Banerjee Lane Kol-12

5) Dr Somen Ghosh

1/4/2 K.G.Ghosh Rd. How-1

6) Dr Ramkrishna ghosh                            

1/4/2 K.G.Ghosh Rd. How-1

7) Dr Satyavati S.Kandala

VIP EnclaveJ- 401, Kol-59

8) Mr Chiinmoy Mitra

121/1 Southern avenue Kol-29

9) Sri Sankar basak

27 Northern Avenue Kol-37

10) Mrs Monalisa Dasgupta

K 2/5 Karunamaiya Housing Salt Lake

11) Mrs Anuradha Bhattacharjee


12) Eleza Chakraborty

Nh- 58 miet Bagpath crossing Newdelhi

13) Namita Dey

44A Gokul Baral St. Kol-12

14) Anjali Dutta

67 Hindustan Park Kol-29

15) Subrata Kr Dey

44A Gokul Baral St. Kol-12

16) Mr Paban Kr Roy

32/5 Kalindi Housing Estate, Kalindi Kol-89

17) Sitansu Bhakta


18) Mrs Manika Majumdar

86/1 K.M. GhoshRoad East Belghoria Kol83

19) Niva Mitra                                              

129/20,Swamiji Pally Birati Kol-51

20) Swarup Kr Dey

44A Gokul Baral St. Kol-12

21) Sampa Dey

44A Gokul Baral St. Kol-12

22) Tuli Gupta                                               

Fjora 18 B1925 Chakgaria Hiland park                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         KOl-94

23) Dipali Bhakta








The Trustee Board organized five official Board meetings during the financial year 2016 – 2017. The Board members also frequently met informally to discuss and exchange the views amongst its members as well as the members of Associate Organizations throughout the year and to look after the day to day affairs of the Foundation for successful implementation of Organizational goal.


The Trustees in small groups and its well wishers visited different Associate Centers / Villages at different remote places of different Districts namely North 24 Parganas, Bankura, Hooghly, Howrah, West Medinipur of West Bengal to assess the progress of various projects / welfare / self help / rural development / Training programs as well to meet rural community members to identify potentiality about the educational, social, cultural, economical and humanitarian activities in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation. Various activities of the Foundation are summarized below under EDUCATIONAL, SOCIAL, CULTURAL & ECONOMICAL heads.



Our most priority area is the development of educational activities. In this area we are providing: (A) Educational Scholarships to the poor, needy, deserving and / or maritorious  students right from Class – IX  to Doctorate (Ph.D.) level; (B) Educational Stipend mostly given to the poor Medical students got admission in the Govt. Medical Colleges and absolutely unable to continue their studies without financial support from the various sources;  (C) Primary teaching assistence provided free of cost to the Primary students from class I to IV, mostly belong to S.C. / S.T. / O.B.C. category of the remote areas of Sundarban, 24 Parganas (North), Bankura (Jangalmohal) and West Medinipur(Jangalmohal) on regular basis; (D) Educational Aid for purchasing study materials including books, Papers, black boards etc.


(A)  Grant of Educational Scholarships


Educational Scholarships to 153 following needy, deserving and / or meritorious students were granted during the Accounting year 2017 – 18:    


Sl. No. Students’ Name                     Class                          Brief Address

1.      Sunita Goswami                 B.A. ENG(H) 1st year         Behar, Bankura

2.      Dona Pan                                    XII                                   Jaipur,Bankura

3.      Dipa Ghosh                          B.A. Pass 2nd year               Bishnupur, Bankura

4.      Abantika Ta                          B.A. Pass 1st year               Laugram , Bankura

5.      Saikat Saha                           B.SC Zoo(H) 1ST Year       Badanganj Goghat Hoogli

6.      Payel Mukherjee                       XII                               Narayanpur,Goghat Hoogli

7.      Kaushik Chowdhury            M. Tech 1st year              Banscichadipur Hoogli

8.     Kuntal Dey                                   XI                                   Jayrambati, Bankura

9.     Rajkumar Das                       B.A. Geo (H)                      Khanakul , Hoogli

10.   Surajit Sue                             B. Tech(Computer Sc)     Modonmohanpur,Katalpur, Bankura

11.  Sanjay Josh                            Diploma in pharmacy      Banna Sadhulal, Bankura

12.  Subhra Mondal                    B.A. Pass Part II                Jayrambati,Bankura

13.  Rimpa Karmakar                   B.A. Beng(H)                     Gossainpur, Bankura

14.  Tuhin Samanta                      B.A. Sanskrit (H)               Belakumra,Hoogly Goghat

15.  Mausami Paramanik            A.N.M.(R) Course             Hijaldiha,Jaipur Bankura

16.  Sonal Chatterjee                           XI                                 Radhanagar, Bankura

17.  Kartick Roy                             B.TECH(M.E.)                    Hijaldiha, Bankura

18.  Payali  Ghosh                         B.A Pass                             Baital,Jaypur,Bankura

19.  Jhantulal Kundu                     B.A Pass                            Panua, Katulpur, Bankura

20.  Riya Shaw                                      XII                                Hijaldiha, Bankura

21.  Purnima Maji                          M.A. Education               Radhamadhabpur Kasaklusia                                                                                                              Katulpur

22.  Bivash Pal                                D.E.L Education               Kabarichack Patrasayer,Bankura

23.   Chandan Rana                        B.Ed                                 Jalitha,Katulpur Bankura

24.  Samit Chowdhury                   B.Sc Chem(H)         203/A Chawk Bagdipara,Baidyabati                                                                                                            Hoogli

25.  Bikash Sardar                                                                    Jiabandi,Bankura

26.  Nityagopal Bagdi                        XI                                    Pakhanna,Barjora Bankura

27.  Rahil Samanta                             XI                                    Kamarpukur,Hoogli (Goghat)

28.  Sandip Rana                                XII                                    Badangang, W.medenipur

29.  Ashalata Ghosh                        B.Sc Math (H)                  Ballator,Bankura

30.  Argha Koley                               B,A.Eng(H)                       Goghat W.medenipur

31.  Debkanta Panday                     B.Tech                              Hijaldiha, Bankura

32.  Rimpa Pramanik                       B.A Beng(H)                     Amsul, Bankura

33.  Dipa Paulick                               B.A.Eng(H)                       Katulpar,Bankura

34.  Kausik Bit                                     XI                                      P.O-Amdali, Bankura

35.  Rohan Ghosh                              XI                                      Saydabag,Sihas, Bankura

36.  Suparna Ghosh                      B.A. Beng(H)                          Sihas ,Katulpar,Bankura

37.  Soma Chandan                       B.SC Zool(H)                                             DO

38.  Megha Sarkar                            XII                                       Katulpur,Bishnupur,Bankura

39.  Munmun Ghoshal                     XI                                        Sihas ,Katulpar,Bankura

      40. Manisa Pal                          B.SC Nutrition (H)                      Katulpur,Bishnupur,Bankura

      41. Jhuma Pandit                     B.A Beng(H)                                 Sihas ,Katulpar,Bankura

      42. Mauli Mandal                    B.Sc Math(H)                              Katulpur,Bishnupur,Bankura

      43. Saurav Pal                          Primary T.T                                Madanmohanpur,Bankura

      44. Tanushri Mondal;             B.A.Eng(H)                               Fatepur,Lowgram,Kotolpur,Bankura

      45. Ramesh Rudas                   B.A.Eng(H)                                    Dingal,Bankura

      46. Debdip Mondal                  XII                                         Banmukha,Despara,Kotolpur,Bankura

      47. Parthasarathi Nag             B.A.Eng(H)                                  Dingal,Bankura

      48. Rajdeep Chakraborty        Computer                                   Sihas ,,Bankura

49.Aniruddha Kundu               M.SC (Biochemistry)               Bijpur,Memari Bardhaman

50.Priyank Pal                          General Nursing                        Jayrambati,Kotulpur,Bankura

51.Mausami Mallick                        DO                                        Hijaldiha,Jaipur,Bankura

52.Surajit Roy                           M.SC (Biochemistry)               Janai Road ,P.O chikrand Hoogly

53.Pallab Nayek                        B.EL.ED (1st year)                     Behar,Indas,Bankura

54.Tamal Pal                             B.EL.ED(2nd Year)                   Naroh,Bankura

55.Arindam Roy                        B.SC Math(H) 1st year            Jara,Chandrakona,W.Medinipur

56.Rahul Nandi     Diploma in Mechanical Engineering     Malikota,Kotulpur 

57.Amoni Bhattacharjee            B.A.Sanskrit(H)                Magura,Bankura,Jaipur

58.Supa Ghosh                             M.A.Bengali                    Kuchiakal,Bankura,Jaipur

59.Rahul Pan                         B.SC, C(H) 1st year               Sindari,Fatapur-Sindar,Barabazar                                                                                                   

60.Amit Kumbhakar             B.SC Phy(H) 1st year            Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24Parganas N                       

61.Sourav Mondal                Diploma in Mech. Eng.       Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24ParganasN

62.Pinaki Mondal              B.A. Education ( H)                Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24ParganasN

63. Rajib  Mondal                           XII                                Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24ParganasN

64.Soumitra Mridha                      XII                                Parghumti, Hemnagar Costal 24 ParN

65.Saswata Gayen              B.A. Eng(H)                            Uttar Gobindakatati Hingalganj,24Par

66.Jayanta Mandal             B.SC.Geo(H)                         Parghumti, Hemnagar Costal 24 ParN

67.Popy Mondal                 B.A. Eng(H)                             Kalitala,Hingalganj,24 Pargana N

68.Kanak Mondal                          XI                                   Kalitala,Hingalganj,24 Pargana N

69.Arindam Mondal           B.A. Pol Sc(H)                         Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24ParganasN

70.Mukti Dutta                    B.A.Sanskrit(H)                      Jogherganj,Hemnagar Costal 24Par

71.Shilpa Mondal                M.Sc (Geo)                             Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24ParganasN

72.Avijit Mondal                 M.Ed                                        Samsernagar,Hemnagar,24ParganasN

73.Pabitra Baidya               B.A. History (H)                      Jogeshganj,Hemnagar costal,24 Parg

74.Bankim Gayen               B.A. Beng (H)                         Jogeshganj,Hemnagar costal,24 Parg

75.Biswayee Mistry            M.A.Beng                               Jogeshganj,Hemnagar costal,24 Parg

76. Sujoy Mandal                B.A. Sanskrit (H)                    Patghara,Hingalganj 24 Pargana (N)

77. Manab Mandal                   XI                                        Madhabkati,Hemnagar Costal 24Par

78. Nayanika Das                      IX                                        Rameswarpur Hasnabad,24Pargana

79. Biddisha Barman               XII                                        Rameswarpur Hasnabad,24Pargana

80. Subhajit Biswas                 XII                                        Sankhachura,Dashin Bagudi,Barasat

81. Mampi Biswas                B.A. Pass                                Uttar Barunhat, Hasnabad 24Pargan

82. Sudipto Bachhar            M.Sc Phy                                Kholapota Basirhat 24Pargan

83. Chanda Das                    B.A. Eng(H)                             Champatala,Rameswarpur,Hasnabad

84. Rishiraj Pal                             B.A. Socio(H)                            Rajipur,Hasnabad,24 Pargan(N)

85. Kiran Paswan                             X                                            Champatala,Rameswarpur,Hasnabad

86. Soumen Mandal                   B.A. History(H)                        Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

87. Subhajit Gayen                     M.A.(Eng)                                  Gobindakathi,Sridharkati,Hingalganj

88. Bodhaditya Mondal            M.Sc (Chem)                             Paschim Parghumti Hemnagar 24Par

89. Chinmoy Mondal                B.Sc Geo (H)                              Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

90. Rakesh Mondal                   B.A. Pass                                     Kalitala,Hingalganj,24 Pargana N

91. Susmita Maghi                    B.A. Eng (H)                               Parghumti, Hemnagar Costal 24 ParN

92. Anupam Mondal                         XI                                         Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

93. Borun Mondal                      B.A. Beng(H)                              Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

94. Anjali Baidya                               XII                                         Kalitala,Hingalganj,24 Pargana N

95. Shewli Roy                           B.A. Beng(H)                              Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

96. Dipanwita Roy                        B.A.  (H)                                    Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

97. Mampi Mondal                     B.A.  (H)                                    Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

98. Shyamal Gayen                  B.A. Sanskrit(H)                           Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

99. Tushimoy Halder                    XII                                             Gobindokhati,Sridharkati Hingalganj

100. Sakti Mandal                          XI                                             Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

101. Ritwik Mondal                        XI                                             Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24 Parga

102. Swapan Biswas                      B.A. Beng(H)                          Chotto Mallakhali 24 Pargana (N)

103. Arpita Sarkar                         B.A. Sanskrit (H)                    Taki Mamudpur Hingalganj 24 Par

104. Pallabi Mondal                      B.A. Pass                                 Kanchenpur,Hingalganj sanderbill

105. Samaresh Halder                 B.A.History(H)                          Kanchenpur,Hingalganj sanderbill

106. Sarabi Mistry                        B.A. Pass                                   Bankra Dobar Hingalganj 24 Par

107. Harikrishna Mondal            B.A. Bengali (H)                       Purba Khajurberia Hasnabad 24Par

108. Gauranga Mandal                    XII                                          Madhabkhati, Hemnagar Costal

109. Laba Das                               M.Sc Geo                                  Bhandarkhali,Hasnabad 24 Par

110. Mrinmoy Mondal                B.Sc Zoo(H)                               Amberia,Hingalganj 24 Pargana

111. Nilotpal Barman                  M.A.(J.H.C)                               Shitala,Sandeshkhali 24 Pargana

112. Banashree Mondal             M.A.                                           Hemnagar Costal 24 Pargana

113. Renuka Chowdhury            B.P.T                                          Noapara Barasat Kol-124

114. Mamoni Ruidas                   B.A. Pass                                   Nazat,24 Parganas

115. Sanchoyita Bez                        XI                                            Nazat,24 Parganas

116. Tulika Roy                                XI                                             Nazat,24 Parganas

117. Gaurango Ruidas                    B.A.(H)                                    Nazat,24 Parganas

118. Swapan Suin                           B.A. Eng (H)                            Purba Atapur sandelerbill,24 Parg.

119. Kaushik Kayal                         XI                                              Duchinikhali 24 Parganas (N)

120. Supriya Nayek                       B.A. Eng(H)                              Rajbari,Agarhati 24 Pargan

121. Biswajit Mondal                   B.A.History(H)                         Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24Par.

122. Saptaparna Mondal               XII                                            Malekanghumti,Hingalganj 24Par

123. Sudipa Mondal                     B.A. Beng(H)                            Hemnagar Costal 24 Pargana

124. Pallabi Mandal                       XII                                              Malekanghumti Hingalganj,24 Par

125. Mallika Mandal                      XI                                               Malekanghumti Hingalganj,24 Par

126. Saikat Mandal                      B.A.(Hons)                                 Malekanghumti Hingalganj,24 Par

127. Debasis Bayen                    B.A.(Hons)                                   Malekanghumti Hingalganj,24 Par                                  

128. Trisha Mandal                    B.A. Phylo(H)                              Malekanghumti Hingalganj,24 Par

129. Rimpa Mondal                    B.A.(Pass)                                   Malekanghumti Hingalganj,24 Par

130. Pinki Mandal                       B.A.(Pass)                                   Kalitala,Hemnagar Coastal,24 Par

131. Indrajit Chakraborty             XI                                               Kalitala,Hemnagar Coastal,24 Par

132. Chinmay Mandal               M.A.                                             Tantra,Bhabla,Basirhat,24 Par

133. Susmita Sardar                   B.A. Eng(H)                                 Tantra,Bhabla,Basirhat,24 Par

134. Manash Mandal                  XII                                                Barunhat,Hingalganj,24 Par

135. Silpi Mandal                         XI                                                 Barunhat,Hingalganj,24 Par

136. Sandipan Mistri                 B.Sc(Pass)                                    Shitalia Sandeshkhali,24 Par

137. Biltu Laskar                         B.Sc(Pass)                                    Shitalia Sandeshkhali,24 Par

138. Sabasachi Mandal             B.SC Geo(H)                                 Sahabkhali,Hingalganj,24 Par

139. Puja Adhakari                      XII                                                 Bahirtafa,Jaduberia,Uluberia,How

140. Soma Adhakari                    X                                                   Bahirtafa,Jaduberia,Uluberia,How

141. Amit Bera                            B.Sc Chem(H)                              Bahirtafa,Jaduberia,Uluberia,How

142. Sahina Khatun                    M.A.History(H)                           Brindabanpur,Uluberia,How

143. Suraj Manna                        X                                                  Brindabanpur,Uluberia,How

144. Debojyoti Das                     B.Com(H)                                    Brindabanpur,Uluberia,How

145. Esita Adhakari                    B.Ed                                             Bahirtafa,Uluberia,How

146. Puja Hajra                           B.A.(Pass)                                   Basudebpur,Uluberia,How

147. Supriya Adhakari                  XII                                              Bahirtafa,Jaduberia,Uluberia,How

148. Chandan Majumdar             X                                               Natiji Palli,Noapara,24 Pargan(N)

149. Bivas Biswas                          XI                                              Natiji Palli,Noapara,24 Pargan(N)

150. Kishore Mondal                 B.A. Pass                                   

151. Subham Roy                       B.A. 1st year                               Bidhan Park Barasat,Kol-124

152. Rakesh Sarkar                    B.A. (Pass)                                  Dharampur,Ghaighata 24 Par

153. Sarmistha Kar                       XI                                               Noapara,Arabindopally,Barasat

154. Mahim Mandal                  M.A.(Geo)                                  Malekenghumtu 24 Par(N)

155. Dipti Rani Das                       IX                                               Ranichack,Bahargang Nadia

156. Rajshree Purakayashta        XI                                               11D Anjuman Begum Row, Kol-33

157. Sarmistha Sinhababu         Diploma in ME                         37/5 Baktiar Shah Rd. Kol-33

158. Subodh Ghorai                      XII                                             247 D.P.S. Rd Kol-33

159. Sarbani Saha                          VIII                                           Sukumarpally Ichapur,Newebgang

160. Purnima Koiborttya           B.A. Beng(H)                             Sihas Bankura

161. Trisha Mondal                    B.Tech Electric                          Sihas Bankura

162. Sati Nath                             B.A. (Pass) 3rd Year                   Barunhat 24 Pargan

163. Silpa ghosh                         B.A. Eng(H)                                Karakberia Katulpur,Bankura

164. Manisankar Roy                      XI                                            Deopara Katulpur,Bankura

165. Somnath Kundu                 B.A.Geo(H) 2nd year                 Bhabla 24 Pargana(N)

166. Tousif Ahmed Mostafa          XII                                           Bagpukur,Zafargang,24 Pargana

167. Naznin Sultana                   B.A. Eng(H) 2nd year                 Andulpota Rajendrapur Basirhat

168. Sudipa Das                      B.Sc Geo(H) 3rd year                      ChampatalRameswarpur,Hasnabad

169. Bilkis Paruin                     B.Sc Geo(H) 1st  year                     Andulpota, Rajendrapur,Hasnabad


Total sum of Rupees 11,56,000/- (Eleven Lakh Fifty Six Thousand) only has been paid to the students by cheques towards the “Educational Scholarships” from the Foreign Contribution Fund.



(B) Grant of Educational Stipend for M.B.B.S. students:


Monthly Stipend to the following poor medical students has been granted on regular basis to enable them to continue their medical studies. Monthly stipend @ Rs. 2,500/- i.e. Rs. 30,000/- per year is normally sanctioned to such medical students who are mainly studying in Govt. colleges. The name and other particulars of the students are given below:


1.     Mr Prayas Pal , Tec(Electrical Engineering)

2.     Mr. Prasenjit Biswas, Pathghara, Hingalganj, North 24 Pgs. –just completed  Total M.B.B.S. Course at Medical College, Mursidabad.

3.     Kamalesh  Post Graduate Diploma Course Village +P.O.- Madhabkali Hemnagar, Coastal 24 Pargana.

4.     Mr. Mohan Gayen, Vill.-Pargumti, P.S. – Hemnagar, Sundarban, North 24 Parganas – 3rd  year M.B.B.S. student of Medinipur Medical College, West Medinipur.

5.     Mr. Swarupananda Bera, Vill. – Panpara, P.O. – Belpai, P.S. – Sabang, Paschim Medinipur – 4th  year M.B.B.S. student of S.S.K.M., Kolkata.

6.     Milton Nandi, Vill. & P.O. – Baital, Bankura, 2nd year M.B.B.S. student of S.S.K.M., Kol.


A sum of Rs. 1, 20, 000/- has been spent from F.C. fund



















(C) Primary Teaching Assistance:


With a view to extend the benefit of education in the light of Swami Vivekananda’s ideology, 23 free Primary Teaching Assitence Schools have been running at the remote areas namely ‘Jangalmahal’ of Bankura Distrct; ‘Sundarban’ of North 24 Parganas and Jangalmahal of W.Medinipur during the financial year 2016 – 17 under the administrative & financial control of Vivekananda Foundation. More than 80 % of the children belong to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Casts & Other Back Ward Classes. Apart from free educational expenditure, the Foundation also supplies uniforms, winter garments and other educational support free of cost. The name of the Teachers and name of the Schools are given below:


            Teacher                                 Name of the School

1.    Chandan Singh –       Barkadaha Sarbagan Bankura

2.    Epil Murmu                Barkadaha Kamarpara Bankura

3.    Niranjan Sardar         Barkadaha Chitrang Bankura

4.    Aparna Sardar           Bakadaha Hatagara Bankura

5.    Tumpa Sardar           Bakadaha Chanchar Bankura

6.    Sunil Murmu             Bakadaha Kathgura Bankura

7.    Narugopal soren      Bakadaha Adhkata Bankura

8.    Rupali Aich                Bakadaha Mobarackpur Bankura

9.    Mallicka Roy (New)  Bitatal TakiJanjal Bankura

10.Madhumita Pan (New) Balibil Takijanjal Bankura

11.Bappa Akshuti           Sihas Takijajnjal Bankura

12.Fuleswari Ruidas      Sihas Block-2 Bankura

13.Anita Roy                   Bundttan   Bankura

14.Kaya Laha                  Kosba    Bankura

15.Tanushree Singh      Dumni Patrasayer Bankura

16.Putul Rani Mahato Bairmari(Nandapara) 24 Pargana N

17.Mritunjoy Sardar     Dhanirampara 24 Pargana N

18.Daya Sardar              Sharipara 24 Pargana N

19.Pratima Sardar        Ajgara 24 Pargana N

20.Nirmal Sardar          Gagigangal   24 Pargana N

21.Tumpa Murmu        Chanchar 24 Pargana N

22.Sarmila Mahato      Nazat 24 Pargana N

23.Sima Mandal            Patghara     24 Pargana N

24. Latika Roy                Mamudpur  24 Pargana N

25. Kartick Mahato       Orali Belpahari W.Medinipur

26.Swapan Mahato      Orali Belpahari W.Medinipur






New Schools started from  2018


       1. Manimala Mahananda Bagnapara Bankura

       2. Mritunjoy Ghosh  Bagnapara Bankura

       3. Rabindra Mura      Khariarata Belpahari Jhargram started from Nov 2017



v Tapan Koley has been working as Coordinator of all primary teaching assistance schools of Bankura District except two Schools of Sihas, Bankura.


            The Foundation incurred expenditure of Rs.2,73,400/- from F.C. fund  against the above mentioned Teaching Assistance Schools.


(D)Grant of Educational Aids:


1.     Paid to Munmun Das, Behala,Kolkata father suddenly died. She was is a student Sarada

       Mission Alipur.For  Addmition,session fees,uniform paid Rs 9500 from Foreign      Contributions.





We mainly concentrated about our Social activities on the following areas during the period of 2016 – 17:

(A)  Donation of “Clothes” to poor & destitute people.

(B)  Donation of “Blankets” to poor & destitute people.

(C)  Donation of “Agricultural Seeds” to Poor farmers of Sundarban, 24 Pgs.(N)

(D)  Implementation of Animal Husbandry Project (Goatary) for mostly S.C., S.T. & O.B.C. poor & aged widows / women at “Jangalmohal”, West Medinipur.

(E)  Medical Aid to ailing poor’s.

(F)  Training & self help programs.

(G)  Welfare of orphans & old age women.


(A) Free Clothing (Saree, Dhuti, Lungi) to Poor, needy & destitute people


Vivekananda Foundation distributed Sarees, Dhutis, Lungis and School dresses (Uniform to our Primary students) before the “Durgapuja” and “IDudjoha” festivals – 2016 to the poor, needy and destitute people of remote areas as a part of social welfare measure on humanitarian ground. The details are given below:


SL. NO.            Distributed at                         No. of benificiaries                             Total

                                                            SAREE              Dhuti               Lungi              Total

1.     Hijaldiha, Bankura                  160                  40                    —                    200

2.     Sihas, Bankura                          60                  20                    —                      80

3.     Bankadaha, Bankura                 60                  —                    —                      60

4.     Kashmar, Belpahari, W.Mid.   121                  —                    —                    121

5.     Samsernagar, 24 Pgs.(N)        90                   —                    —                      90

6.     Malekanghumti    Do              40                    15                   25                      80

7.     Kalitala, 24 Pgs.(N)                  50                   —                   10                      60

8.     Pathghra,   Do                         60                   —                    00                      60

9.     Mayersansar   Do                    50                               —                                  50     

10.  Agarhati      Do                        150                  —                    —                   150

11.  Hemnagar  Do                         40                   —                    00                      40

12.  Nazat,         Do                         40                  —                    —                      40

13. Kolkata-33                                    9                                                                               9

14.Barunhat, 24 Pgs.(N)                 40                  10                    —                      50

15.Sandelerbill,   Do                        60                  20                    20                     100

16.Kothabari,        Do                     40                  10                    —                      50

17.Mamudpur       Do                     40                  —                    —                      40

18.Raghunathpur, Basirhat            15                    01                  —                       16

19.Barasat                                          20                  —                   —                    20

20.Uluberia                                       90                  —                                             90

21.Nibedita Nari Kalyan                40                   —                    —                    40

22. Gathi                                             50                      10                                                60

                                                       ———-            ————            ——–               ———-

TOTAL =         1325                  126                   55                   1506


Over and above total 768 No School Uniforms for our primary boys and girls were also distributed free of cost like the past years.

                                                                                                                                                      Sum of Rs. 1,30,055 (One Lakh Thirty Thousand Fifty Five) only from General fund and Rs. 3,32,439 ( Three Lakh Thirty Two thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Nine) only were incurred from F.C. fund for free distribution of clothes and uniforms amongst poor, needy and destitute men, women and poor students.


(B)Free distribution of winter garments (blankets) to the poor downtrodden people & wolen sweater to primary students


Sl. No.   Area                                     Blanket        Mosquito Net                 Total

               I.          Hijaldiha bankura                150                   150                               300                      



         II.    Kasmar,Belpahari

                 W. Medinipur                       150                                                        150

         III.   Brindabanpur,Uluberia        40                      20                                60

         IV.   Barasat 24 Pargana (N)        20                                                          20

          V.   Samsernagar                        100                                                       100

         VI.   Kalitala 24 Pargana (N)       25                       10                              35

         VII.  Malekan Ghumti                  50                       20                              70

         VIII. Pathghara                             20                       20                               40

          IX.   Hemnagar                            15                          15                               30

          X.    Nazat                                                                 30                               30

         XI.    Barunhat                              30                       20                               50

         XII.   Sandelerbill                         75                       25                               100

         XIII.  Kothabari                             25                       25                               50

         XIV.  Mamudpur                          35                      —                                 35

         XV.   Gathibamunia                     30                   —                                    30

         XVI.  Nibadita Nari Kalyan

                  Samity  24 Pargana            20                       15                                35

         XVII. Kolkata                                  —                        10                                10

         XVIII. Agarhati                             30                       20                                50 

         XIX. Barasat                                 20                        —                                —-

                                                             ——–                   ——                            ——

                                                              815                       380                           1145

                                                             ——-                    ——-                         ———


Total = 1145 poor people


240 number of Winter Uniforms for Primary students of our Vivekanada / Ma Sarada Pathsalas were also provided free of cost.


A sum of Rs 2,01,333/- (Two Lakh One thousand Three hundred  and thirty three) only was spent against distribution of blankets and winter uniforms from F.C. fund free of cost.



(C) Free Distribution of Rice Seeds to Poor Farmers


Good quality of rice seeds were distributed to the poor farmers of sundarban areas free of cost. The details are as follows:


Sl. NO.   No. of Farmers   K.G. per head           Areas where distributed


1.    80                         10 K.G. / head —     Samsernagar, Hingalganj, 24 Pgs(N).

2.    50                         Do                       —     Malekanghumti, Hingalganj        Do

3.    30                         Do                       —     Kalitala Paschimpara, Hingalganj

4.    40                         Do                       —     Pathghara, Hingalganj                  Do 

5.    40                         Do                       —     Nari Kalyan Samity, Hingalganj  Do                  

   Total =240 Farmers       2400 KG * Rs 35 = 84000


A sum of Rs. 84,435/- was spent from General fund against free distribution of Rice Seeds.

 (E)Medical Aid To The Serious Ailing Poor’s


Vivekananda Foundation extended its medical help with its limited resources to the very poor and needy people of critical nature. Brief details are furnished below:


Sl. No. Name of Patient                     Disease                       Brief Address


1.     Paramita Pramanik                Thalasemia                 Matikamra, Ichapur, 24 Pgs.-(N)

2.   Haradhan Ghosh                    Dialysis                       Nandannagar, Belghoria,

     Purchase of Homeopathy Medicines for Sihas Dispencery, Bankura — Rs 10000


 Sum of Rs.25000/- and Rs.10000/- were spent towards Medical Aid from Foreign Contribution Fund and General Fund respectively.



(F)  Training and Self help


During the period 2017-18 no remarkable training & self help program was undertaken due to some unavoidable reasons. Only we spent Rs. 1,32,083 from General and Rs.3, 000/- from F.C. fund to words self help activities.


(G) Welfare Of The Orphans And Aged women


Vivekananda Foundation extended its financial and other supports to the following Associate Organization for the welfare of the Orphans / Destitute.


            Name of the Organizations               Brief Address


1.     Hasi Sengupta Orphanage               Sikra-Kulingram, North 24 Pgs.


Total Sum of Rs. 20,000/- was spent towards the above welfare programs from Genl. Fund.





Cultural Activities


1.    Cultural-cum-Scholarship awarding ceremony 2017-18 for the students  was observed  at the Barunhat School, Sundarban, 24 Pgs.(N) for the whole day. Good no. of poor students was awarded Scholarship Cheques after the cultural program is over. In 17-18 at Barunhat 24 Pargana (N) Total  amount spend from General Fund  for scholarship distribution  is Rs 29,071/-


2.    Another “Cultural-cum-Scholarship awarding ceremony 2017-18” was also observed for the students on 2017-18 at the Auditorium of Hijaldiha Vivekananda Seva Samity for the whole day. Good no. of students was awarded Scholarship Cheques at the end of the program.Total  Amount spend on Hijaldiha+Lunch+tiffin at Hijaldiha Ashrama ,Kashmar Belpahari and other centres for 17-18   is Rs 20,629/- from F.C.R.A account .




Tea, snacks and lunch were served to all participants as well as guardians in the cultural programs. A sum of Rs. 20,629/- (Twenty Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Nine) only was incurred for the above mentioned cultural Programs from the F.C. Fund.





                                                    Economic Activities

Financial assistance to Associate Organizations towards Constructions/ Repairs of Community Hall, School Building-Cum-Coaching / Training Centers Etc.


Vivekananda Foundation has extended its financial support from its General fund to the following Associate Organizations during the period 2017-18 relating to infrastructure development for the purpose of various activities of educational, social, cultural, and spiritual development of the general  Public :-


Sl.No.  Name of Associate Centers                                       Address

1.   Hasi Sengupta Orphanage Rs 25,000/-                       Sikra-kulingram, Basirhat, 24 Pgs(N)

2.   Malekanghumti Agragami Sangha Rs20,000/            Malekanghumti, Sundarban

3.   Mamudpur Srima Sarada Sevashrama Rs 50,000/-   Mamudpur, Hingalganj, 24 P                                      4.   Nivedita Nari Kalyan Samity Rs 58,000/-                 Malekanghumti, Sundarban

       5.   Pathghara Ma Sarada Sevashrama Rs25,000             Pathghara, Sundarban, 24 Pgs.(N)

       6.   Barunhat Sevashrama  — Rs 10,000/-                         Barunhat 24 Pargana (N)

       7.   Kalitala Paschimpara  —– Rs 30,000/-                         Paschim Kalitala 24 Pargana (N)

       8.   Ramkrisna Sarada Sevashrama -Rs1,00,000/-            Kashmar,Chakadoba, Jhargram

       9.   Samsernagar Swamiji Netaji SanghaRs 20,000/-      Samsernagar 24 Pargana (N)

     10.  Sandelerbill SriRamkrishna Sevashram Rs3,52,000/-  Sandelerbill  24Pargana (N) 

     11.  Cheque issued to Swami Vivekananda kudil but not cleared Rs 40,000/-                                

A total sum of Rs. 7,30,000(Seven Lakh thirty thousand)only was spent for the infrastructure development of the above mentioned Associate Organizations for the overall interest of general public.






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A.   From foreign Contribution Fund:


Purpose                                No. of beneficiaries          Amount spent (Rs.)

n  Cloth distribution                                                                         3,32,439.00

n  Cultural Program               3 Programs                                         20,629.00

n  Carrying charges                                                                                     750.00

n  Conveyance                                                                                          4,630.00

n  Edu. Coaching                     29 Schools                                       2,73,400.00

n  Edu. Stipend                        6  Medical Students                     1,20,000.00

n  Educational aid                  1 Students                                           9,500.00

n  Edu. Scholarships              169 Students                                11,56,000.00

n  Medical aid                          2 Ailing patients                                25,000.00

n  Printing & Stationary                                                                       1,320.00

n  Postage                                                                                               102.00

n  Bank Charges                                                                                     612.75


                                                                                              Total  — 19,44,382.75

Permanent Fund Investment                                         —  12,63,826.00






From General Fund:

v Infrastructure                    10 Regd. Orgs.                              7,30,000.00

v Orphan aids                       1 Organizations                              20,000.00

v Agricultural Aid                240 Farmers                                    84,435.00

v Cloths & Uniforms           1506  people/768 Students    1,30,055.00

v Medical Aid                                                                                   10,000.00

v Cultural Program                                                                         29,071.00

v Carrying Cost                                                                                   9,390.00

v Training & Self help                                                                  1,32,083.00   

v Printing/Stationary                                                                      29,526.00

v Conveyance                                                                                      5,140.00

v Office expense                                                                               13,000.00

v Audit fees                                                                                          4,720.00

v Bank Charges/ Postage                                                                     88.50

v Winter Garment and blanket                                                 2,01,333.00

v Mosquito Net                                                                               76,000.00

v Legal charges                                                                                  8,000.00

v Postage                                                                                               223.00

                                                                  Total  =   14,83,064.50


                                                   Grand Total   =  34,27,447.25


















Vivekananda Foundation, more than a decade has been extending its fullest co-operation, help & financial support to some social, cultural, educational and spiritual Registered Organizations situated in a very rural & remote areas of different Districts of West Bengal with a view to have positive impact on the overall well being / welfare of the poor, needy and destitute inhabitants of that locality. The said Organizations are also believes in the ideology of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. The brief Addresses of such Associate Organizations are given below:


1.    Agarhati Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Sevashrama:

Vill. & P.O. – Agarhati, Via – Canning, 24 Pgs. (N), W.B., PIN – 743329,

Phone – 03217-213418, Mobile – 98000 39225.

The Sevashrama was established in 2000 and Registered in 2002. It serves an area of 08 villages with a population of about 24,000.


2.    Bankadaha Sri Ramakrishna Sevakendra

                                      Regd.No. S/2L/13435 of 2013

                                    Kamarpara, Bankadaha, Bankura

                                         Contact No. 97335 61043

The Sevashrama was established in 2013. It serves an area of 15 villages with a population of about 20,000 out of which 80% population belong to S.T. and S.C. community. The area is known as “Jangalmahal”.



3.    Basirhat Sree Ramakrishna Kathamrita Chalaman Pathachkra

Mrijapur, P.O.-Basirhat College, Basirhat, North 24 Parganas

Registered No. S/1L/2193, Contact No – 94345 62907

                                 The Pathachakra was founded in 1976

4.   Barunhat SreeRamakrishna Sevakendra

Barunhat, Hingalganj, 24 Parganas (N), Pin-743426

Regd. No. S/IL/46177 of 2007

Contact – 81166 70203

The Sevakendra was founded in 2007 & it serves an area of 15 villages with a population of about 20,000.


5. Ganti Bamunia Ramakrishna Vivekananda Sevashrama

P.O. – Deuli, P.S. – Canning, Dist. – 24 Pgs. (South)

Registered NO. – S/1L/2631, Contact No. 9051260397

                                 The Sevashrama was established in 1966.

6.Hasi Sengupta Orphanage

Vill. & P.O. – Sikra Kulingram, North 24 Parganas, W.B.

Registered; Contact No. 94343 44009

It is residential boys’ hostel for Orphans having 16 students from class V to X read in local schools. Vivekananda Foundation used to provide its financial support according to the need of the Orphanage.


7.Hemnagar Sri Ramakrishna Seva Niketan

Hemnagar Coastal, North 24 Pgs. PIN – 743 439

Regd. No. S/IL/6498, Contact No. – 90023 44776

      It serves an area of about 3 /4 villages with a total population about 3000.


Registration No. S/60086 of 1988 -89

Vill. & P.O. – Hijaldiha, P.S. – Joypur, Dist. – Bankura

W.B., India, PIN – 722 138

Contact No. 03244-202821, Mobile – 94341 85646

The Seva Samity was established on 15th August 1984 and got its Registration on 29.11.1988. It serves an area of 25 villages with population of about 60,000.


9.Kalinagar-Nazat SriRamakrishna Sevashrama

P.O. – Nazat, North 24 Parganas, Pin – 743442

Regd. Organization, Contact – 97339 93799

        10.Kalitala Pashimpara Sri Ramakrishna Sevalaya

Regd. No. 94132

West Kalitala, Hingalganj, North 24 Pgs., W.B., Pin – 743 439

Contact No. +91 9933527937

The Sevalaya was established in 1996. It serves an area of about 4 villages with a total population of 3,500.

11.Kothabari Ma Sarada Sevalaya

P.O. – Kothabari, Hingalganj, North 24 Pgs., PIN – 743 435

Regd. No. – S/IL/69196 of 2009-10, Contact No.– 76998 37368

( Matri Ashrama )

The Sevalaya is conducted by lady devotees. It was established in the year 2008 and got its Registration in 2009-10 under the Societies Registration Act 1960. It serves an area of 4/5 villages with a population of 4000.



Registered No. – S / 38230 of 76 – 77

Vill. & P.O. – Malekan Ghumti, Via – Hatgacha, P.S.- Hingalganj

Dist. – North 24 Parganas, W.B., PIN – 743 439

Contact No. – 97489 20908

The Agragami Sangha was established in 1975 and got its Registration in 1976 under The Societies Act – 1961.

            13. Mamudpur  Srima  Sarada  Sevashrama

Regd.No. – S/1L/14246

P.O. – Taki Mamudpur, Dist. – North 24 pgs., W.B.

PIN Code-743 435, Contact No.  +91 94743 60332

( Matri Ashrama)


This Matri Asharama was established in 2000. It serves an area of 5 villages with a total population of about 7000.


14.Nivedita Nari Kalyan Samit

Regd. No. – S/94686

Vill. & P.O. – Malekanghumti, Via – Hatgacha, Hingalganj,

Sundarban, Dist. – 24 Pgs (N), W.B., PIN – 743 439

(Matri Ashrama)


15. Pathghara Ma Sarada Sevashrama

Registered No. S/75425

P.O. – Pathghara, P.S. – Hingalganj, Dt. – North 24 Pgs., W.B.

PIN – 743 439, Contact No.- +91 97483 70349 / 8370917121

( Matri Ashrama )

This is a Matri Ashrama founded in 1988. It serves an area of 6 villages with a total population of 5000.

16. Ramakrishna Sarada Sevashrama, Kashmar

P.O. – Chakadoba, P.S. – Belpahari, (Jangal Mahal)

Dist. – Paschim medinipur, PIN – 721 501, W.B.

The Sevashrama was started initially in a small plot of land in 2013 for the upliftment of the suffering poor and helpless downtrodden Tribal, Lodhas and Other Backward Classes in the hilly Jungle areas under Belpahari P.S. in the District of Paschim Medinipur (now Jharagram), beside the border line 0f Bankura and Purulia Districts and Jharkhand State.

         17. Sandelerbill Sri Ramakrishna Sevashrama

(Registered Society under W.B. Society Registration Act-1961)

P.O. – Sandelerbill, P.S. – Hingalganj, Dist.- 24 Pags. (North), W.B.

PIN – 743 435; Contact No. (03217) 251-115

The sevashrama was founded in 1981 and the ‘Vivekananda Vidyapith’, one of the wings of Sevashrama was established in 2000. The Sevashrama serves an area of 20 villages with a total population of about 20,000.

        18. Samsenagar Swamiji & Netaji Seva Sangha

Regd. No. – S/43832

Vill. & P.O. –Samsernagar, P.S.-Hingalganj 24 Pgs (N), W.B.,

PIN- 743 439, Contact No. +91 9735341047

The Seva Sangha was established in 2001. It serves an area of 6 villages with a total population of about 4500.


Registered No. – S / 94483

Vill + P.O. – Sihas, Dist. – Bsankura, W.B., Pin – 722 141

Contact No. – +91 94743 60332

The Sadhan Mandir was founded in 1989. It serves an area of about 10 villages with a total population of around 10,000.

         20. Raghunathpur Sri guru Prapanna Ashrama

Raghunathpur School Bari, Basirhat

North 24 Pgs. (N), W.B.

Contact No. – 97345 90198

( Matri Ashrama )

It is founded by Acharya Sril Patit Paban Thakur 35 years ago for the poor, helpless females as their own dwelling place

                    21. Swami Vivekananda Kudil

Sri Ramakrishna Puram, Rameswram Road,

Rameswaram – 623526, Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone – 04573 223098

The Founder and the Managing Trustee is Swami Pranavananda Maharaj. Kudil has been serving there for the welfare of the Fishermen and their children for the last three decades.


Auditor’s Report, Balance Sheet, Income & expenditure and Receipts & Payments Accounts (Consolidated – General Section & Foreign Contribution)

                                                            (Please Compose)



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We express our deep sense of gratitude to all those kind contributors, donors, well wishers and friends who have helped us to continue our social, educational, cultural, economical and spiritual activities.

We also express our gratefulness to those Engineers, Charted Firm, Physicians, and other professionals as well as well wishers who have kindly volunteered their services for fulfillment of the objects of this Foundation and its different Associate Organizations.

We also appeal and expect that the generous public will continue to help us so that we can fulfill our objects to serve the poor, destitute and under privileged men & women in the spirit of “Shiva Jnane Jivaseva.”


“Go from village to village; do good to humanity and to the world at large. Go to hell yourself to buy salvation for others. … “When death is so certain, it is better to die for a good cause”

                                                                                               — Swami Vivekananda



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The Foundation draws its inspiration from

The messages of “Thakur-Ma-Swamiji”



“God is the ocean of Mercy. Be His slave and take refuge in Him. He will show compassion. Pray to Him: ‘Protect me always with your compassionate face. Lead me from the unreal to Real, from darkness to Light, from death to Immortality. Reveal Yourself to me and protect me always with your compassionate face.”


n  Sri Sri Ramakrishna


“Never fear, He is ever looking after you. Do His work and practice Sadhana. A little work daily drives away idle thoughts from the mind. A solitary and inactive life is liable to be troubled with idle thinking.”

n  Holy mother Sri Sarada Devi



“Hold your money merely as custodian for what is God’s. Have no attachment for it. Let name and fame and money go; they are a terrible bondage. Feel the wonderful atmosphere of freedom. You are free, free, free! Oh, blessed am I! Freedom am I! I am the infinite! In my soul I can find no beginning and no end. All is myself. Say this unceasingly.”


n  Swami Vivekananda



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Comes and goes – wealth, fame, enjoyments are only of a few days. It is better, far better to Work unto death – I am with you, and when I am gone, my spirit will work with you. This life dies on the field of duty, preaching the truth, than to die like a worldly worm. Advance!


——– Swami Vivekananda